• Presale Ventureon (VNN UDNA) Unit. Premium issue 100%

Convertible note or the Ventureon (VNN) coins right of claim. The terms of premium emission are valid during VNN units purchase up to 2018.03.30

VNN is a cryptocurrency that will be issued for circulation in the Blockchain Ventureon. Its value is diversified by projects in the field of IT technologies and blockchain, which are launched or ready for launch. All projects in the portfolio of Hypercube Ventures are carefully selected, passed Due Diligence, have a real business model, obvious benefits, a team and are eligible for funding.

At the start of the blockchain, 1% of the coins will be available from the total amount of 100 million. No additional emission is envisaged. Growth in value will occur as capitalization increases. As projects EXIT, its share in the capitalization will be replaced by real financial assets and the turnover will receive the next share of coins. When the turnover is 50% of coins plus one coin, we will remove the functions of monitoring and controlling the blockchain. Further, it will exist as a self-sustaining structure.

After running the blockchain, download and install the official VNN wallet. From now on, you will get a "Premium Emission" in the amount of the primary volume of VNN units purchase. So if you bought 1000 VNN, then after running the blockchain, you can issue another 1000 VNN at any time. This privilege extends only to VNN owners who entered the unit in the early stages.

Presale Ventureon (VNN UDNA) Unit. Premium issue 100%

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